Sun, 22nd Apr

New Senior Appointments


Officer NameServiceBatchPostDepartmentOrder No.Date
Ms. Archana VermaIASAM, 1995DirectorD/o Personnel and Training, M/o Personnel, Public Grievances & PensionsNo. 6/10/2012-EO(MM-I)09-01-2013
Shri J.P. MisraIFSXX, 1992DirectorM/o Home AffairsNo. 6/23/2007-EO(MM-I)09-01-2013
Shri Rabindra Kumar SinghIFSCG, 1983SecretaryNCSK, D/o Social Justice and EmpowermentNo. 4/38/2012-EO(SM-I09-01-2013
Shri M. DevarajIASUP, 1996DirectorD/o Personnel and Training, M/o Personnel, Public Grievances & PensionsNo. 6/17/2012-EO(MM-I)09-01-2013
Shri T. TeethanIA&AS1983SecretaryNCSK, M/o Social Justice and EmpowermentNo. 4/39/2012-EO (SM-I)09-01-2013
Shri Sanjeev Kumar BholaIOFS1991DirectorM/o DefenceNo. 12/8/2012-EO(MM-I)08-01-2013
Shri Ravi MathurIASRJ, 1979SecretaryD/o Disinvestment, M/o FinanceNo. 18/2/2013-EOI(SM-I)08-01-2013
Shri Rajiv TakruIASGJ, 1979SecretaryD/o Financial Service, M/o FinanceNo. 18/2/2013-EOI(SM-I)08-01-2013
Shri Anoop KumarIASMH, 1990Executive Director (IT)FCI, New Delhi under D/o Food and Public DistributionNo. 9/35/2012-EO(SM-I)07-01-2013
Shri S.K. SarkarIASWB, 1979SecretaryM/o Water ResourcesNo. 9/2/2013-EO(SM-I)07-01-2013

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